Saint Archer [Beer Review]

Another great San Diego brewery! We had the opportunity to try a couple of their beers this past weekend, so here it goes:

Blonde Ale

Pale Ale

Two incredible brews, the Blonde Ale was the first we sampled. Saint Archer’s describes this as a K├Âlsch, with a “crisp malt character similar to a Pilsner.” It’s a light ale, not too bitter at only 22IBUs but still goes down smooth. 4.8% ABV seems appropriate for this brew, packing a nice kick in such a clean blonde.

The Pale Ale, of course, is our favorite. A “straight-forward, California-style pale” as they define it. It’s well balanced, though slightly hoppy, giving it a more bitter flavor than the Blonde. At 40IBUs, we don’t recommend this for the light drinker.

Of course, the IPA has yet to be sampled, but from the recommendations we’ve received, it’s truly incredible. A lot heavier than their Pale Ale, their IPA is a whopping 66IBUs and nearly 6.8%ABV. Needless to say, it’s on our list.

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