Share Your Best Hangover Story and Ultimate Hangover Cure!

shot-glassesAt Hangover School we’re all about learning from past experiences. So share some! What was your worse hangover ever in the history of your life? How did you get through it? What did you drink or do to make yourself feel so bad? And once you inflicted that level of hangover on yourself, how did you beat it?? Tell us below!!

We can’t wait to share in the misery and laughs that go with hangovers!

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6 Comments on "Share Your Best Hangover Story and Ultimate Hangover Cure!"

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  1. Hungover man says:

    Drink vinegar than make yourself puke! Works every time!!!

  2. occasional drinker says:

    vitamin water. the one with all the vitamins always fixes me right up… got to drink it before bed though.

  3. Josh says:

    I always just sweat it out. Go to the gym and pump iron. Got my new haircut, protein powder, jagger bombs then the gym! haha

  4. Doog says:

    I slam a bottle of hot saunce with my coffee! It makes my stomahce hurt so bad that nothing else matters, even myheadache!

  5. sam says:

    I hostly love vitamin water before bed. It makes such a difference

  6. tom hangover says:

    I woke up on the beach in mexico, no idea how i got there. I think it was a fun night…

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