Should you Play Sports When you Have a Hangover?

When you are really hungover it can be tough to decide whether or not to go to your sports game. Here are some things to consider when you are deciding whether to play a sport when you are hungover. This article has been written by people who are experts at playing sports when hungover.

Do you like Playing the Sport?

The first question to ask yourself is, do I like playing this sport enough to drag my hungover ass out of bed and play? If you love the sport, being hungover shouldn’t make a big difference. You will be more happy to get out there and play then to mope around the house feeling horrible and puking.

How Hungover are you?

This is a very important question to ask yourself. How hungover are you really? If you are terribly hungover then this is something you need to consider. Take the how hungover are you test. If you are a level 6 hangover or above you might want to think about skipping the game.

Is it a Big Game?

Ask yourself, does this game matter? If it is the finals you better get out of bed and get to the game. If it is a game that doesn’t matter at all, then what is the big deal? Those are the ones that you can skip.

Is it an Easy Sport or a Hard Sport?

Some sports are easy and others are hard. For example, if you sport is frisbee golf then you are probably in the clear no matter how hungover you are (you are probably a weirdo too but hey, we’re not judging, or are we..). However, if you sport is soccer, ultimate fighting or football, something really tough, you might not want to play when you are really hungover.

The Final Word on Playing a Sport When you are Hungover

Playing a sport when you are hungover can be tough. But in may cases once you start running around you feel much better. If you are well hydrated and don’t feel like you are going to die just get out there and play. If anything you should be punished for drinking so much! Go big or go home people! You can do it! Go play your sport! Go get out there right now!!

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