Sprite Can Do It!

A team of Chinese scientists recently conducted a study to discover what you drink following alcohol consumption may alter the effects of a hangover. And, after testing over two hundred beverages, it appears that Sprite may be the best thing for you.

It seems that the team focused on the metabolism of ethanol into acetaldehyde as the source of the hangover symptoms. Ethanol, the source of the alcohol in all our favorite boozes and beers, is broken down into the organic compound acetaldehyde, which, according to this article from HowStuffWorks, is toxic to the human body. Acetaldehyde is then further broken down by an enzyme, aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), into acetate, which is harmless.

If the production of ALDH is blocked, the toxic acetaldehyde remains in the system longer and promoting hangover symptoms. Some of the drinks tested in the study appear to have done just that. Fortunately, Sprite and soda water both appear to increase the production of ALDH, breaking down the acetaldehyde more rapidly and, preventing any hangover symptoms.

The study doesn’t mention why Sprite would increase the production of ALDH, but if it prevents us from feeling like death the next morning, we’re willing to look past that little detail and get on drinking.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Sprite does help with hangovers! soda in general is a good one.

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