Submit your Hangover Story!

At Hangover School, we are all about supporting the hangover community. And there is no better way to support the hangover community then by telling your completely outlandish drinking stories from the night before. Yes! We want to hear it all! We want to hear about the drunken idiot you made of yourself and how you did it. We also want to hear about the horrific hangover you had the next day, and how you got yourself through it. Through this, we hope to provide hours of entertainment, and inspiration to those who are currently suffering a hangover. Because if we are all hungover together, than no one is hungover at all! That’s just how we feel!

Please take a moment to submit your story below. Don’t use your real name because we don’t care. Also, if you did something really stupid, i.e., criminal activity, keep it to yourself. Thanks for Hangover School!


Submit Your Hangover Story!


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