THC or The Hangover Cure

hangover-cure-thcRecently I came across a new hangover cure called THC or The Hangover Cure™. This is how they describe themselves.

“The Hangover Cure™ is an all natural powder drink mix scientifically formulated to prevent the negative effects of drinking too much alcohol. Just mix with water and drink before bed. It’s that easy.”

“Just how awesome is THC-The Hangover Cure? Imagine an air-brushed painting of a bald eagle battling a werewolf inside of a volcano. It’s a lot like that but you can drink it.”

Regardless of whether the hangover cure actually works, I really like these guys style. They are having fun with the hangover cure and their marketing and that is important. But the real question is, “does it really work?” Well, according to their testimonials section it does.

If you have tried this cure let us know. Does it actually work?

Hangover school will be testing this hangover cure this month. Standby for the result of this hangover cure test. Until then, if you have input add a comment!

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  1. Pete says:

    It works pretty well actually, especially for how drunk you can get and not feel like total crap. Im a believer for sure.

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