The 9 Most Hungover Cities in the US

There are a lot of hungover people out there in the United States looking for hangover cures. Many of these people come to our website because we are the number one source of hangover cures online. In this post, we reveal the 9 most hungover cities in the US! This list has been determined based on the cities which visit hangover related post on our website.

The Most Hungover Cities in the United States

The Most Hungover Cities in the United States

Number 9: Philadelphia: You wouldn’t think of Philadelphia as a city with a hangover problem. But Philadelphia does have a party scene. Apparently the city of Brotherly love, loves to be hungover!

Number 8: San Francisco: SF is clearly a city with a hangover problem. The bad weather and flurry of nightlife makes it a perfect place to drink too much. We have had some mean hangovers in San Francisco. Well worth it though!

Number 6 and 7: Houston and Dallas: Cowboys drink too! Think of all the Jack Daniels and Budweiser they drink out there. Brutal! Have a Jack and Coke and ride a bull yeehaah!

Number 5: Washington: Again, bad weather here and plenty of places to party. Washington definitely has a hangover problem (why do we keep calling it a problem. We mean hangover opportunity!). They also have an excellent music scene in the Seattle area.

Number 4: San Diego: Hangover School was founded in San Diego, so we know people drink way too much here. Between the beach and downtown, it’s an excellent hangover destination.

Number 3: Los Angeles: With all the extravagant social functions that take place in LA it is no surprise that people search for hangover cures often. Nuff said.

Number 2: Chicago: We’ve heard Chicago is an awesome place to party. We will have to go there and be hungover some time. One of our buddies got thrown in jail for accidentally walking into the girls bathroom in Chicago. So don’t do that, unless you want to go to jail. He had to walk from jail back to his hotel with one shoe on. Just embarrassing.

Number 1: New York: The most hungover place in the United States is New York! Congratulations New York! You are the most hungover city! Keep up all the drinking! I guess that is what happens when the bars are open until 4:00am.

Do you think your city should have made this list? Tell us why below!

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