The Hangover Rule Book

There are rules to consider when being hungover! We at Hangover School have started by listing our favorite rules on hangover cures, hangover stories and just generally being hungover below! Read the Hangover Rule Book!

Hangover Rule Book

Rule 1: The problem is not your drinking, it is your hangover.

Rule 2: We don’t talk about being hungover until we are hungover.

Rule 3: Once you are very hungover you have accomplished something great, let everyone know!

Hangover Rule BookRule 4: You are not liable for the things you did when you were drunk until your hangover has passed (in most cases).

Rule 5: Certain things you can do when you are hungover, other things you can’t.

Rule 6: If you wake up and you are still drunk, you are not hungover yet.

Rule 7: Don’t be afraid to puke your guts out. It will make you feel better.

Rule 8: Puking is lame.

Rule 9: If you wake up and you can’t remember what you did, go back to sleep. If you wake up again and can’t remember what you did, call a safe buddy.

Rule 10: Designate at least 2 friends as safe buddies. Safe buddies are never allowed to get mad at you when you are drinking.

Rule 11: When you are traveling, know where you are staying and don’t make a guy wait with you to find your friend until 3:00 a.m. when he really just wants to go home and go to sleep at 11:00 p.m.

Rule 12: Drinking is cool, being an alcoholic isn’t.

Rule 13: Vitamin B cures hangovers, use it!

Rule 14: You know you’re in trouble when even you gatorade tastes like booze… And there is no booze in it…

Rule 15: If your friend wants to hook up with someone ugly let them. It may be the ugly persons only chance.

Rule 16: No chili dogs.

Rule 17: Definitly no chili dogs.

Rule 18: If you want to be really hungover, mix as much alcohol as you can.

Rule 19: Don’t worry about drinkers remorse, it will pass.

Rule 20: If you feel like you are going to pass out because you are so hungover, don’t worry, you wont. You are just being a woss.

Rule 21: If you are dancing with a girl in the bar who has really bad body oder, you probably shouldn’t be.

Rule 22: Never drink alone, unless you are all by yourself.

Rule 23: Do yourself a favor and slam a gatorade before you pass out.

Rule 24: Don’t wear basketball shorts to the strip club.

More hangover rules to come!

Do you have a hangover rule you would like to add to the Hangover School Rule Book? Add it in a comment below!

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4 Comments on "The Hangover Rule Book"

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  1. Stacey says:

    We’ve got a drink in Arizona called ResQwater. I tried it a few weeks back – wasn’t a miracle cure, but I felt almost normal. Now I have a bottle in my fridge – just in case. 🙂

  2. hungover man says:

    While driving, never puke into the wind!

  3. hangover rules rule! says:

    Freaking need hangover cures im sooooo hungover. The rule book is how i live my life

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