The Surfing Hangover Cure – Why is Surfing a Hangover Cure?

Have you ever wondered why surfers can drink all night and then go out and surf the entire next day? It is because of this little known secret, surfing is a hangover cure.

Surfing Hangover Cure

Surfing Hangover Cure

Why is Surfing a Hangover Cure?
When you surf the water is generally cold, and because of this, it refreshes your body. At the same time you are getting exercise. This allows you to sweat out all of those toxins. After surfing for one to two hours you will realize that your hangover has greatly decreased.

Why you need to be Careful
Make sure to be safe if you are going to use surfing as a hangover cure. If you are an inexperienced surfer, you could get yourself into a tricky situation, especially if the waves are big. Just like with any sport, you need to know your limits. If your hangover is really bad, make sure to wait for it to subside a bit before you paddle out.

Overall, surfing is an amazing hangover cure. As a website dedicated to helping individuals cure hangovers, we wanted to let you know. Next time you have a mid-level hangover go surfing. We promise when you come back in you will feel refreshed and better.

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  1. Tums says:

    The ocean in general is an amazing hangover cure. If you’re too hammered still to surf just floating or walking about in the water is probably the best cure out there. Don’t know why the ocean works so well but it does. The pool is no substitute. Just remember you’re in the ocean and don’t fall asleep.

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