The Three Categories of Hangover Cures

runner-drinking-2Hangover cures fall into three categories, Medicinal, Physical and Mental.

Medicinal Hangover Cures
Medicinal includes things like Advil, Tylenol, water, and Gatorade.

There are also medicinal treatments specifically created as a hangover remedy, such as, The Hangover Cure, Chaser Tablets, taking extra B-vitamins, etc. Basically anything that can be ingested is put into the category of medicinal treatment.

Physical Hangover Cures
The Physical approach encompasses running, playing sports with friends, weightlifting, surfing, dancing, hiking and even walking a few miles to retrieve your car from where you left it the night before. This step, while segregated from the latter does compliment it, seeing as mind and body are connected. When one does physical activity, they often feel a sense of accomplishment and more clear headed.

Mental Hangover Cures
This brings us to the third and final category, Mental. This entails staying positive, and always telling yourself “I’ve been way more hungover than this”, essentially approaching the hangover from a positive perspective and not letting it drag you down. Beating drinker’s remorse with a strong cognitive will!

Curing a hangover is a difficult task. Each individual and each specific hangover should be approached from a unique perspective. Some hangovers may be easier cured by going for a short run than taking an Advil and others may benefit from a combination of the two. Alternately there are other hangovers that you wouldn’t dream of going for a run due to the severity. Regardless, staying positive will always help you beat your hangover. Keep a good mentality and you will prevail!

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