The Ultimate Hangover Foods

After a night out drinking, the food cravings tend to set in.  Here in Southern California, people seem to either run for Denny’s, or the nearest taco shop.  But before you go after the nearest greasy food traps, take the time to consider one of these alternatives that have the power to stop a hangover in it’s tracks.


The breakfast of champions! The incredible, edible egg may be one of the top foods for a hangover.  They contain an abundance of the amino acid cysteine, which breaks down the toxic enzyme acetaldehyde that is produced when you consume large amounts of alcohol. (For a more detailed description of acetaldehyde and its how its produced, check out this article.) Eggs are also a source of vitamin B, which help replenish many of the vitamins lost during a night on the town. According to wiseGEEK, “the most effective forms of of vitamin B for a hangover include B6, B12, and B1.”


While we have reviewed the benefits of bacon before, we never pass up on a chance to recommend everyone’s favorite greasy concoction.  To be precise, it’s the bacon sandwich that researchers have found to be effective in curing even the worst hangover symptoms.  The carbohydrates from the bread and the protein from the bacon both break down into essential nutrients for the body.  The bacon’s amino acids also replenish lost neurotransmitters, giving you a clearing head and relieving the brutal headache.


Keeping with the bacon sandwich above, it appears that toast can work wonders in the morning.  Everyone has heard the common myth that bread will “soak up” the alcohol in your system; unfortunately, it appears this really is just a myth, but the good news is that the carbohydrates in the bread are good for keeping up your blood sugar levels, which are lowered by alcohol.  Toast is also a good, light meal for mornings when you just aren’t sure whether you can keep that breakfast down.


Potassium is one of the most important nutrients in the body, responsible for keeping muscles intact and maintaining normal blood pressure.  Alcohol can drastically reduce potassium levels, causing the drinker to feel woozy, shakey, and lightheaded.  Bananas, therefore, are a great fruit to help replenish these lost nutrients and get you feeling like your old self again!


We don’t know anyone who craves asparagus in the morning, but according to this study, the enzymes produced by ethanol (your drinking alcohol) were regulated better in response to treatment with asparagus.  This miracle food can work wonders in reducing hangover symptoms, since the ethanol is broken down more rapidly.  It appears that this is one of those foods that are recommended before you go out, but Fox News says here that “scientists believe eating a serving or two the next day can still help since a hung-over body is riddled with toxins.”

Prickly Pear:

According to this really cool study, prickly pear extract can help prevent hangover symptoms such as dry mouth , nausea, and aversion to food.  When taken before drinking, the risk of severe hangover is cut in half!  Prickly pears can be eaten as a fruit, or taken as an extract, to help reduce hangover symptoms.  This is one we’re going to have to try for ourselves.

More Awesome Hangover Food

OK, now that we have talked about that stuff, here are some other things you will want to eat.

  • Breakfast burritos
  • Pizza
  • Chicken Wings
  • Hamburger

More Great Hangover Foods

  • Roundtable barbecue chicken pizza: Oh it is so food!
  • Pizza Port pizza: I recommend the Carlsbad!
  • Chick Filet: Their sauce is amazing. This is an awesome hangover food.
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