Things to Watch out for When you are Hungover

On this site we talk a lot about things that can be a hangover cure. In this post we are going to discuss things that are not hangover cures. There are many things that will make you feel much worse if you are hungover, here they are.

Don’t Drink Energy Drinks when you are Hungover

If you are going to drink energy drinks make sure you have eaten plenty of food and have water.

Red Bull
Do not drink Red Bull if you are really hungover. It will make you shaky, jittery and feel very bad. If you are going to drink Red Bull, make sure you only have a light hangover and have eaten a decent amount of food and have drank plenty of water. Red Bull on an empty stomach when you are hungover can make you sick.

5 Hour Energy
Like Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy should not be taken on an empty stomach when you are hungover. There is a good chance it will make you shaky and queezy.

Too Much Coffee
If you drink too much coffee when you are hungover you will become increasingly dehydrated and there is a good chance you will get shaky. Drinking water will help you elevate this.

Don’t Eat the Wrong Food When you are Hungover

Eating something that does not sit well can leave you sick.

Oysters and Shell Fish
Although eating shell fish can actually be a hangover cure, the extra protein will make you feel better, people who have sensitive stomachs may not be able to digest the meal because they will throw up. This is because of the slimy consistency of the food.

Too much mayonnaise is not only a hangover cure, it can make you sick. Make sure to use mayonnaise sparingly if you are hungover.

Too Much Butter
Like mayonnaise, too much butter, or just dairy in general, can leave you feeling horrible if you are hungover. If you are going to eat butter make sure you use it along with some other food.

Stay Away from the Wrong Climate if you Have a Hangover

Hot Climates
If you are in a very hot climate when you are hungover you will feel terrible. If you have a hangover try to stay away from very hot places. The cooler the better!

Humid Climates
Humid climates are the WORST when you are hungover. Try to find a place that is cool and dry, this will be your best bet.

Do you have tips for things you should NOT do when you are hungover? Add them below!

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