Unusual Hangover Cures

While we here at HangoverSchool like to provide our readers with useful remedies for the raging hangover, there are many cures out there that, in today’s society at least, tend to be avoided.


According to a few websites, such as here and here, the Ancient Roman’s used to cure their hangover woes with deep fried canaries. These cute songbirds were often skinned and fried after a night of heavy drinking. We can only assume that the protein content,while not incredibly high, would break down the same way as other meaty dishes to provide amino acids the body needs to recover.

The Polish recommend pickle juice for the morning after. Pickle juice, after all, contains a high concentration of sodium, which is an essential electrolyte that is lost due to the dehydration brought on by heavy drinking. In fact, according to this article on Yahoo, pickle juice contains nearly thirty times the amount of electrolytes found in sports drinks such as PowerAde. Of course, you have to be strong to get over the taste.

Tripe Soup

This next remedy seems to have grown out of a few different cultures. Tripe,  which is essentially the entrails of a butchered animal, is used as the main ingredient in various hangover dishes. In Mexico, cow stomach, garlic, and onions are stewed to make menudo, which is typically served with tortillas. In Greece, a similar dish is made with pork entrails and known as patsas. The Turkish call their dish işkembe çorbası. In fact, tripe soups are found in a number of cultures across the Balkan Peninsula and Eastern Europe. While we’ve never tried this dish ourselves, its reported to be quite effective at curing hangovers.

A few websites claim that in the Native American cultures, they would work up a good sweat through exercise or other means in order to purge the body of the “poisons” they indulged in the previous night. Just to be sure all the alcohol was removed, they would lick the sweat from their bodies and, thankfully, spit it out. While we’re not entirely sure how licking the sweat up may help, but exercising releases endorphins, which may help some people feel better, so long as you properly hydrate.

In Germany, pickled herring is served as part of their Katerfrühstück, which literally translates as “hangover breakfast.” It would seem the electrolytes from the pickling process helps here much like the pickle juice remedy mentioned above. These bits of fish are served wrapped around bits of onions and gherkins.

While there are loads of other food dishes served around the world for your hangover, we can safely say that these are the ones we’ll most likely avoid. Got any other unusual cures for us? Leave a comment below and we may feature them in a future article!

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