Wasted in Vegas

Hangovers Often Begin in Vegas, But Rarely End There

Hangovers Often Begin in Vegas, But Rarely End There

I know you’ve all been wasted in Vegas. Everyone has a great Vegas hangover story. But this hangover story is mine, and it is crazy too. So check it out. I broke it into a few sections.

It Begins too Early
We fly into Vegas for one night – I never stay there for over 24 hours. We get to the room about 11:00am and slam a bottle of champagne and then start making Red Bull and vodkas. These things were brutal, so stiff.

We head out and do some day drinking and gambling. Then we decide to hit a bar. This chick at the bar buys us all a round of Jagermeister. Two of the people there decide not to take the shot and one of my buddies grabs them both and slams them down. So he has just had half a bottle of champagne, two Red Bull Vodkas, about four beers and three shots of Jagermeister, he is just gone…

Blacked Out Bull
We had to walk back to the hotel and he keeps getting further and further away from us. He starts to seem a little disoriented but is in incredibly high spirits, so we ignore and in fact encourage the spirited stumbling. We get back to Venetian (where we are staying) and start to order a pizza in this little restaurant in the lobby. It’s only been about two minutes since we ordered and he starts yelling, “Where is my pizza?!” “Where is my pizza?!!” This causes a scene and the pizza chef looks pissed!

We think we have calmed him down, but then he turns out of nowhere and runs full speed into the trashcan, knocking it down in the hotel. He gets up and chargers it again head first. The trashcan didn’t stand a chance! It falls over and trash spills everywhere. We grab him and run him up to the room. He passes out face first on the bed, lights out.

Hangover Story Electricity Erupts
Everyone takes a bit of time to recuperate from what just happened. But soon the energy begins to build. It’s time to go out!

We make the stiffest Red Bull Vodka possible and put it in a big water bottle. Then we get dressed and head to Ghost Bar on Top of the Palms. On the way there we slam the huge bottle of Red Bull Vodka. This isn’t going to be good, I think.

We make it into Ghost Bar and one of my buddies is really feeling the music! I mean, he wants to dance!

He starts dancing with the first chick he sees, with vigorous moves. He shakes his hips, moves side to side, throws in twirls, and then it starts to get romantic… A little too romantic.

They start to really freak, like go at it. They are dancing hard and forcefully. Before you know it, he has her bent over on the bar and he is dry humping her like an excited monkey. Just then, the song breaks and she walks away, he is left standing alone, with nothing but a stain on his pants from overexcitement, a sad and awkward sight for the rest of the team.

Who Knows What Happened?
After that we really don’t know what happened. Everyone was kind of all over the place and had clearly drunk too much. The Red Bull Vodkas kept me up all night. Before I knew what was going on it was 7:00am and I was still gambling in the hotel lobby. You never know what flipping time it is in there with no clocks or windows!

I made it back to the room about 7:30am. The guys were passed out, two of them had chicks in bed with them and our fourth buddy was passed out on a chair sitting up.

We had to catch a flight at 10:00am. Man was that brutal. This was easily the worst hangover I’ve ever had. And to think I probably could have drunk like six beers and had just as much fun… Well maybe not just as much, but close 😉

Submitted by Hungover in Vegas: 02/27/2010

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  1. beepbeepimajeep says:

    one time i got drunk on rum, whisky and heinekan (i know its spelled wrong) drove a car into a swimming pool, paintballed a cop car. i went to bed im guessing around 5 am, woke up in the roof of a flat roofed house missing a tooth. i only remember going to the restaurant at 8 pm, the rest of this i was told 3 days later……wen i woke up

  2. Tums says:

    Oh the hangovers from Vegas… I went for four days last time. I think the hangover lasted four months tho… Thanks doc

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