What Beer Makes you the Most Hungover?

At Hangover School we love beer, but if you drink too many beers it can give you a hangover. What is nice is that out of all the drinks out there in the world beer, in most cases, will actually give you the least hangover. So when compared to drinking shots, mix drinks, wine or sake, beer will usually leave you feeling the best the next day. There are, however, a few types of beers that can really set you back. So in this post we will cover the beers that give you the worst hangovers.

Beers that Give you the Worst Hangover

IPAs and barely wine will undoubtedly give you the worse hangover out of the beer group. This is primarily because they have the most alcohol content in most cases. But they also have distinct flavors and ingredients. In most cases IPAs have a great deal of hops. When you have a lot of hoppy IPAs you can wake up feeling really bad the next day. If you drink a couple glasses of water throughout the night it will usually significantly decrease this though.

Along with IPAs and barely wine, a really strong porter or stout can also leave you feeling bad the next day. Just down from this come the ambers and pale ales and other moderate blends. These beers are usually pretty safe. But keep in mind if you drink enough of anything with alcohol you will get hungover, this is Hangover School 101 people.

Beers that Will Give you the Least Hangover

Light beers will clearly give you the least hangover. This is a slightly generalized statement as it directly relates to the amount of alcohol content commonly found in said light beers. Light beers are basically water with a little booze. It is this booze that gives you the hangover. You are generally pretty safe if you drink Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Light, and beers like that. The only issue is that these beers have no flavor, which is why they work best when consumed during a game of beer pong, flip cup, through a beer bong, or just straight old fashion shot gunned.

Overall, the best thing you can do is only drink as much beer as you can handle, regardless of the kind. Also, don’t sneak any shots in there that will get yah. Oh, and watch out for the IPAs. And watch out for the Porters, the porters can leave your stomach feeling like you just ate Taco Bell for the fourth day in a row and drank 3 cups of coffee.

At this time we would like to give a quick shout-out to the beers that have made us the most hungover in our life.

  • Stone IPA – You taste so good, but make us feel so bad
  • Steel Reserve – Why did we ever drink you, oh yeah you are cheap and get us drunk!
  • Mickey’s – No one else may, but we truly do believe you are a fine malt liquor
  • Bud Light – You are so easy to drink. Why do we think we can drink so many and not be hungover?
  • Red Trolley – You are just a bad beer. All syrup and blah, gross
  • Dos Equis – It wasn’t your fault, it was our fault for mixing in the white tequila
  • Keystone – Gross
  • Natural Light – You are so cheap, and have so much alcohol, good for you!

If you are only hungover from beer, consider the burrito hangover cure. Its a good one.

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3 Comments on "What Beer Makes you the Most Hungover?"

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  1. rej says:

    hey, the name barely wine doesn’t exist … what about learning that beer is made from BARLEY and Hops, so , instead of writing barely wine , 2 times, you should learn a thing or 2 about beer and how to spell the components .

    It’s BARLEY YO !

    the worst hangover is from those cheap beer made from corn and sugar at 7 or 8 %

  2. Dog says:

    Newcastle Brown Ale. Enough said.

  3. Ughhhhhh says:

    I beg to differ on the light beers. I had 4 pitchers of coors light last night (New Years Eve) and I have the worst beer farts EVER today. No headache, but gas and shits the world has ever seen.

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