What Causes a Hangover?

Have you ever wondered what causes a hangover? Hangovers occur for a number of reasons. In this post we will cover what causes a hangover so that you can better understand how to avoid them.

What Causes a Hangover, Simple Answer

The main cause for a hangover is clearly drinking too much. So if you don’t drink too much you will not be hungover. While this is the case, the causes for a hangover are obviously more complicated when you are considering specifically how the body reacts to the alcohol.

How Ethanol Affects your Body

Ethanol is present in alcohol and is one of the major causes for a hangover. Ethanol causes serious dehydration that has an effect on your body. Specifically, the ethanol can result in fatigue, serious dehydration, headaches, achy body and sweating. Many of these hangover symptoms can be avoided by using the water hangover cure. Dehydration is one of the major factors of what causes a hangover.

Luckily, over time your liver will break down the ethanol. However, although the ethanol is what causes a hangover, the liver must overcompensate by breaking down the ethanol and therefore cannot pay attention to other areas of the body. This can result in the liver not supplying enough glucose to the brain. This can have the effect of furthering the feeling of being hungover.

Watch a Video on What Causes a Hangover

In this video the reporter discusses causes for a hangover. Specifically, he discusses congener.

Why B Vitamins Matter

A lack of B vitamins can also be what causes a hangover. B vitamins or Thiamine, help the brain make sure it does not create too much glutarate. Glutarate is an enzyme that comes from the ligases family. B vitamins are part of what causes a hangover because when B vitamins are depleted glutarate can build up in the brain, causing headaches and hangover symptoms. By consuming an extra dose of B vitamins when you are drinking or hungover you will be helping to fight what causes a hangover.

Summary of What Causes a Hangover

Basically drinking too much alcohol causes hangovers; this results in dehydration and extra work on the liver. Certain people become more hungover than others, this depends mainly on weight and the state of the individuals liver health. But generally, what causes a hangover is usually the same for all people. Certain alcohols product less of a hungover effect, for example, vodka is a cleaner alcohol so it allows for less hangovers than consuming wine with the same degree of alcohol. This is due to impurities such as zinc. In addition, extra sugary alcohols can create more hangover symptoms, such as hangover nausea. Overall, what causes hangover is the poison in alcohol. If you are looking for hangover cures please visit our section at the top of the website.

Good luck beating your hangover! If you have a comment on what causes a hangover leave it below!

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