What Does a Hangover Feel Like?

If you’re reading this post, you are probably new to hangovers. And that is OK, you have to start somewhere right?

To start a hangover feels awful. If you were drinking copious amounts of alcohol the night before, and you wake up in the morning feeling bad, there is a very good chance the alcohol is to blame and you are hungover.

What Does a Hangover Feel Like

What Does a Hangover Feel Like

Here are some hangover symptoms:

Loss of Balance
Sometimes when you wake up after a night of drinking you are still a little drunk. Drinking impairs you balance and your balance can stay impaired until the first stages of the hangover go away. Most times people do not experience a significant loss of balance, but it does happen.

If you wake up with a headache after a night of drinking there is a good chance it is due to your hangover. Red wine, cheap beer, or cheep clear alcohol is are the main types of alcohol which usually cause this, however, any type of alcohol in mass consumption can cause a headache.

Stomach Ache

Many times after a night of drinking you will wake up with a stomach ache. This could even result in you throwing up. And in fact, sometimes it is better to throw up then try to let you body digest all of that alcohol. Regardless, drinking too much can definitely result in a stomach ache.

Dry Mouth/ Thirsty

Alcohol dehydrates you and therefore makes you thirsty. This is totally OK though. The best thing you can do for yourself when you are hungover is to drink water and sports drinks. Drink as much of these liquids as you can without making yourself sick.


After a long night of drinking you may feel fatigue the next day. In fact, you may want to sleep for a much longer period than usual. This is OK, as most times your body needs to rest. Also, in many cases when you drink, your body is just catching up on sleep because you stayed up later than usual.

Racing Heart

It is not uncommon after a long night of drinking experience heart burn or abnormally strong heart beats. While this may be the case, this does not mean it is good. Basically, alcohol makes the blood vessels dilate lowering your blood pressure so your heart has to pump faster in order to better pump your blood. This is a good post with more information on this heart racing symptom. However, know that this is common, but a doctor should be consulted if you have questions.

Bloodshot Eyes

If you are hungover, you are probably not going to be looking your best. One thing you can usually count on is bloodshot eyes. This happens because alcohol causes the blood vessels in your eyes to become dilated. This in turn causes the white area of your eye to turn red. This symptom is called vasodilatation.

Drinkers Remorse

If you wake up feeling like crap about yourself and your life don’t worry, you are most likely just going through what we fondly refer to as drinkers remorse. Basically, it works like this. You had some much fun the night before that you peaked out, and like after all peaks, next comes the valley. Drinker’s remorse is that valley. It’s the time when you feel bad about all the money you spent, the stupid decisions you made, and the person you hooked up with. But don’t worry dear drinking comrade, this will pass and you will live to enjoy another day.

Aversion to Loud Noises and Bright Light

Loud noises and bright lights are not a hangovers friend. In fact, you’re most likely not going to want to be around them at all. Both of these items will be annoying. Loud noises could cause your headache to increase. Also, bright lights will cause your red eyes to squint, which also has the potential to increase you a headache.


Every hangover is different. Sometimes after drinking you may wake up feeling fine, other times your whole day may be shot. While a lot of this is the way you mentally approach the hangover and the day, a lot of it clearly relates to how much you drank.

During some hangovers you may experience all of these symptoms; during others you may experience only one, or possibly some symptoms not mentioned here. Everyone’s body reacts differently to hangovers; however, these are the most common symptoms.

Regardless of how your body reacts, it’s important not to drink like a complete idiot. Sure have some fun every once in a while. But remember, drinking way too much leads to health problems. Talk to a doctor about your drinking habits and educate yourself. Also, learn your drinking tolerance and slam back the booze accordingly.

Good luck fighting the hangover! Keep your head up!

Oh yeah, and lets make this interactive! Tell us about a your hangover symptoms below!

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4 Comments on "What Does a Hangover Feel Like?"

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  1. Chris says:

    Fuck… I feel so tired but I can’t sleep. I got this nauseous feeling and I don’t know what to do. I guess I’ll drink alot of water. Maybe some coffee and aspirin. I don’t want to do this again.

  2. Kaitlin says:

    Today was my first experience with hangovers, and thankfully it was pretty small. I woke up with a headache, really tired (probably due mostly to staying out late and waking up early), and after just 10 minutes in the car I started feeling extremely nauseous. Also, when I’d woken up and was walking around, I still had some stability problems, but not very bad. I ate some crackers to settle my stomach, went back to bed. I was fine when I woke up again. Gonna drink plenty of water today.

  3. Hangover School says:

    It is your first of many hangovers! I remember my first hangover… At first i thought i was sick and then i realized it was because i drank too much. Hope you feel better and YES, water is the key. Hydrate while drinking and after drinking.

  4. Alexis says:

    Drinkers remorse… the death of a relationship lols

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