What Does Piss Drunk or Pissed Mean?

Piss Drunk, PissedIf you don’t know what it means to be piss drunk or pissed you have come to the right place! Read this post to learn what piss drunk or pissed means and how it relates to heavy drinking. You may be surprised to learn what it actually means. Or you may not be surprised. The only way you will know is if you read the definition of pissed or piss drunk below!

Definition of Piss Drunk

The term Piss Drunk or Pissed refers to an individual who has consumed an excessive amount of alcohol. After heavy drinking, the individual becomes piss drunk or pissed. The piss element refers to the idea that the person is so intoxicated that they piss or pee in an inappropriate location, such as in an alley or on themselves. The term piss drunk or pissed is usually used in English speaking regions outside of the United States. The most notable regions include the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia.

How to use the term Piss Drunk or Pissed

Example 1: Pissed

“I got so pissed last night that I vomited on my date.”

As you can see here you do not need to use the term to refer to you actually pissing yourself. You can simply use it to describe how drunk you got.

Example 2: Pissed

“I’m so pissed right now I can’t have another. Everything is spinning like a bloody disco ball.”

Again a good example of the term pissed showing that heavy drinking took place.

Example 3: Piss Drunk

“I was so piss drunk last night that I ate half a burrito and then fell asleep with the other half of the burrito in my bed and woke up with burrito everywhere.”

Here we see that the person in this quote was pissed or piss drunk and slept on their burrito after heavy drinking.

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Have you ever been piss drunk or pissed? Do you like the term? Tell us about it below!

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  1. Catherine M says:

    Pisshead: someone who is drunk. Pissheads are to be avoided at all costs, as they are likely to be loud and rowdy, and may attack other pissheads, or vomit copiously after eating a kebab from a late night take away.
    Pissheads may also pee in the street, but generally, ”Pissed” means drunk, but a ”pisshead” is someone who is a pain in the arse when drunk.

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