What is a Hangover? Find out What a Hangover is!

What is a hangover? This question has been asked for centuries, “What is a hangover” and why do hangovers occur? Hangovers are the result of the body’s response to consuming excessive quantities of alcohol. A person will experience hangover symptoms when they have drunk too much.

Definition – Hangover (Hang-o-ver)

The aftereffect of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol usually experienced hours after the body has processed the alcohol.

So when we ask, “What is a Hangover,” we are really asking how does this occur. A hangover is the body’s natural negative reaction to excessive alcohol. When people become hungover they often look for hangover cures. Taking certain actions can eliminate hangovers and they also always go away with time just as long as the person does not continue drinking. Many people wonder, how long does a hangover last. Usually, they are not more than a few days.

The topic of hangover cures has been covered in depth. There are many hangover cures out there in the world to deal with a hangover. Different cures work better for different people so it is important to find the cure that works best for you.

If you are hungover or are asking yourself, what is a hangover, you have probably drank too much. The next step is to find a hangover cure and get rid of the hangover. Many people have had hangovers around the world. If you are asking yourself, what is a hangover, don’t worry you are not alone. You can eliminate your hangover.

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