What to do when you Drop a Beer in a Bar?

Hangover Advice: Drop a Beer? Do this…

The question has arisen, what is the appropriate response when you’re in a bar and you drop your drink onto the ground? One’s response is directly related to the level of prehangover drunkenness they are experiencing at that moment.

Hungover Logic

Let’s first assume this occurs within your first three drinks. In this case you must stand firm and either quickly conjure up an argument as to how it was not your fault, or simply apologize and ask if there is anything you can do to help. This response is desired since one still appears and acts like a normally functioning human being after only a few drinks.

Really Hungover Logic

If however this occurs at the 8-12 drink range, the most rational response differs. In this case it is best to simply run away from the scene before any one notices who dropped this now shattered beverage. This way you can avoid having to defend yourself and ultimately asked to leave the parameter by the bar security. Also, once you have fled the immediate area where the scattered particles of your drink remain, you are able to walk back to the scene, and to eliminate any suspicion, blame it on another person who is visibly drunk, saying something like, “Who spilt their drink? Its absurd how some are completely incapable of moderating their alcohol consumption!”

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  1. hangover man says:

    I’ve been hungover so many times! I love this site because it gives me hangover cures and I need them. I also like the hangover stories and drunk videos. If i drop a beer in a bar i will just walk away, good advice! hahah

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