Why do Some People Get more Hungover?

Have you ever met someone who never gets hungover? They can drink all night then wake up and be fresh as a daisy. Here are some reasons why some people get more hungover than others.

hangover-testBody Mass

Being a bigger person allows you to better deal with larger quantities of alcohol. The alcohol does not have as large of an effect.


If someone drinks more water than you while you are all drinking then they will be less hungover than you the next day.

Positive Attitude

Some people don’t even notice hangover symptoms. They are just so jazzed on life and happy that a little hangover doesn’t slow them down.


Some people have a very fast metabolism that allows them to process the alcohol faster. These type of people can drink a lot and will rarely be hungover.


The older you get the more hungover you get, simple as that. With each year your hangovers get worse and worse Try drinking the same amount you did when you were 22 when you turn 32, you’ll see what we mean.

Type of Alcohol

The type of alcohol you are drinking has a large effect on your hangovers. If you are drinking Jack Daniels, and your friend is drinking Budlight, you will be much more hungover.


Many times food can be a great asset when you are hungover. Eating late at night or early in the morning can help you soak up the alcohol.


If you drink often your body will get used to the alcohol consumption. This will result in you being less hungover after you drink.

When it comes down to it, some people just get way more hungover than others. If you are one of those people don’t worry, you’re not alone!

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4 Comments on "Why do Some People Get more Hungover?"

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  1. rich says:

    Whoever wrote this is lame! This is about the same quality as a grade 4 kid doing a C level assignment!

    On one hand you say the more you drink the more you get used to it and then you say when you get older you can’t drink as much as you could when you were 22 vs 32!

    Hello!!??? Personally I can drink double as much as I could when I was 22

  2. Hangover School says:

    That is how it works Rich! Think about it… They are two separate things Duh!

    Thanks for the comment though 🙂 And please come again!

  3. Jax says:

    On this page, you say that “If you drink often your body will get used to the alcohol consumption. This will result in you being less hungover after you drink.” So, drinking frequently = less hungover

    BUT, over on the hangover questions answered page, in response to the question, “Why do some people not get hangovers?” you write, “But the more frequently you drink the worse your liver gets at processing the alcohol, making your hangovers worse and worse.” drinking frequently = more hungover

    So which is it? Pretty sure it can’t be both. Are you just making things up?

    Page I’m referring to: http://hangoverschool.com/hangover-questions-answered-hangover-faqs/

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