Why I’d Rather be Hungover

Do you ever feel bored, like you are searching for something to do? Like you need meaning in a life full of trivial events and mundane circumstances. It’s OK if you do. You can admit it to yourself.why-id-rather-be-hungover

Now take a moment and reflect. Have you ever felt this way when you are hungover? My sneaking suspicion is no! And let me tell you why.

When you are hungover (and I mean really hungover, like a level 4 or above) the only thing on your mind is finding a hangover cure. You will even go to extraordinary lengths to cure the hangover. You will alter your entire day! You will eat any food, drink any beverage, and cancel any plan!

A good hangover is something to be cherished. For those of us who have had this tremendous experience, we know the sense of urgency erected each time we have a serious hangover. And we know we never want to feel that way again.

Next time you have a really good hangover, let the hangover inspire you to make a change. To become better! To improve your hangover cure, your fluid intake, and your over all stance on life! Let the hangover help you rid yourself of meaningless day-to-day matters and scream from the top of a mountain, I WILL BEAT THIS HANGOVER AND BE BETTER NEXT TIME!

This is why I would rather be hungover. I like the challenge it presents and I am not afraid to let a good hangover, make me a better person.

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