Why Men Drink Beer?

Have you ever wondered why men drink beer? Hangover School knows. Because beer is awesome, except when it gives you a horrible hangover the next day! This video below demonstrates why men drink beer.

As you can see this is a foreign video. The guy in the video drinks more and more and the girl in the video looks increasingly attractive to him. Until the point comes where she slaps him. Apparently, men drink beer to make women look more attractive and so that they can enjoy their lives more. Do you agree? Comment below! By the way, how random is this post?? lol 🙂

Tell us, why do YOU think men drink beer?

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4 Comments on "Why Men Drink Beer?"

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  1. Josh says:


  2. Sara F says:

    I want a beer… My head hurts. too much drinking in the night time 🙁

  3. Cranberry Fairy says:

    Where the heck did you find this video? Makes me want to watch the fast and the furious.

  4. jason says:

    I think men drink to escape reality. And because it is socially acceptable. It is encouraged actually.

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