Will Ferrell SNL Family Dinner: I Drive a Dodge Stratus Video

This is a classic clip, this is the family dinner video featuring Will Ferrell. In this Saturday Night Live video we see the most dysfunctional family in the entire world. Will Farrell is a division manager in charge of 29 people and he drives a Dodge Stratus. He can also do 100 pushups in 20 minutes, which he is proud of. Will Ferrell is the man of the house, he deserves respect because he is a middle manager, in charger of 29 people, who drives a Dodge Stratus and he can do 100 pushups in 20 minutes! The daughter hates her parents, and says shes wishes they were dead. When she leaves they share her food. Watch this funny SNL family dinner i drive a Dodge Stratus Video.

I Drive a Dodge Stratus Video

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